From small family pharmacies to huge warehouse size pharmacies, Mexicali offers a world of choices to fill your prescription at significant savings over prices in the U.S. and Canada.

Many of the larger brand name pharmacies have multiple locations across the city, offering a wide selection and convenience.  The appeal of the small family pharmacy is found in the warm, personal service and a willingness to go “above and beyond” for the customer.

If you are crossing the border to fill a prescription, it’s always a good idea to call ahead to ensure that your pharmacy has exactly what you are looking for. If one pharmacy doesn’t have what you need…don’t give up.  With hundreds of pharmacies in Mexicali, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need.  Make sure to ask your Mexicali pharmacy about  different brand names or generic options. While counterfeit drugs are extremely rare, alternative brand names of drugs are quite common.  Its also important to recognize that your brand name pharmaceutical product may have a different name in Spanish.  Give your Mexicali pharmacist as much information as possible, and they will do all they can to care for your needs.

Many Mexicali pharmacies accept U.S. dollars and offer a decent exchange rate. Most recognized pharmacies in Mexicali accept credit cards.

Botica Guadalupana
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-2666
Boticas Levy
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 563-2956
Farmacia Benavides
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 566-9153
Farmacia De Dios
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-2049
Farmacia de la Salud
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 565-9598
Farmacia España
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-8322
Farmacia Especializada
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 551-9369
Farmacia Homeopática
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 554-7926
Farmacia San Luis
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 567-0809
Farmacias París
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-5403
Grupo Liquis Pharmacy and Liquor Store
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 554-5877
Grupo Liquis Pharmacy and Liquor Store
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 565-3365