Nephrology - Mexicali Medical GuideNephrology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the kidneys. A nephrologist, or renal physician, deals with the functions, diseases and conditions related to the kidney and their consequences.

Disorders and illnesses of the kidney can have a severe impact on both the quality of life and the life expectancy of the patient. There are dozens of conditions that are used to treat kidney disorders and illnesses. Your doctor will evaluate you and help you decide which treatment or treatments are suited for your specific needs. The most common treatments that medical tourists seek are:

Kidney biopsy

Kidney or renal biopsy is a common procedure used for diagnosing illnesses and conditions of the kidney. It consists on the removal of kidney tissue for examination. It can be done with a needle or with surgery, depending on the quantity of tissue needed.


Dialysis is a procedure that is used to eliminate urine when the kidney is not able to do it anymore due to failure. Dialysis typically lasts for life. Many patients in Southern California and Arizona choose dialysis in Mexicali to save money.

Kidney transplant

When a suitable donor is available, a kidney that has failed can be surgically replaced with a healthy kidney. Medical tourists typically bring their donor with them, usually a close relative.

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