Executive Health Check ups

Executive Health Check-UpsUnlike regular health check ups, executive health check ups are aimed at business people who have little time to dedicate to their own health. These check ups are planned on the basis of a long-term schedule and focus on preventing health problems related to the hazards of business life, such as stress, inactivity, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise. An executive health check-up also makes it as easy as possible for the business person to take the tests and procedures, for example by making arrangements for transportation, meals and accommodations. Planning an executive health check-up in Mexicali Mexico can save you a great deal of money when compared to prices for these same services in the US and Canada.

Check-ups are highly tailored to each individual, but they typically include some or all of the following tests:

  1. Blood count including inflammatory proteins
  2. Biochemistry (including an evaluation of the kidney, liver and calcium levels)
  3. Sugar levels
  4. Cholesterol and other fat levels
  5. Thyroid gland performance
  6. Urine analysis
  7. In the case of men, prostate blood exam

Other tests are included depending on any pathology detected or lifestyle of the person

In addition to the tests, the doctor will have a discussion with the patient about the state of his or her health. This discussion usually involves the following:

  1. Any problems that the patient may be feeling at the moment
  2. Past medical history
  3. Patient’s family history
  4. Current diet and diet restrictions
  5. Activity level
  6. Medications and supplements
  7. Health expectations
  8. Specific high-risk situations or events

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