Dental Surgeons

Dental SurgeonsSometimes, damage to the teeth or the jaw is so deep and severe that superficial treatments will not work to heal the problem. In such cases, a patient may need to have dental surgery to correct the problem. Dental surgery in Mexico is becoming a popular choice for many Americans and Canadians.

Dental surgery can be more complex than regular dentistry and it typically is more expensive. Unfortunately, the cost of not having the dental surgery you need can be even higher, resulting in the loss of chewing functions, the alteration of speech, and further dental damage, including tooth loss.

Many people in the US and Canada that can’t afford dental surgery at home, come to Mexicali, Mexico to get it. Among the services that they can find here:

• Dental Prosthetics
• Crowns
• Veneers
• Bridges
• Implants (single and all-in solutions)
• Dentures
• Extractions (including impacted wisdom tooth extraction)
• Apiectomy
• Fiberotomy

Dental surgery may require preparation and post-care, so it’s a good idea to contact your dental surgeon in Mexicali ahead of time to get all the information you need about your procedure in order to better plan your trip.

Dr. Sergio Dominguez Navarrete
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-4631
Dr. Ma. de Lourdes Espinosa Colunga
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-1102
Dr. Alberto Gianola Prieto
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 555-6304
Dr. Armando Gutierrez Vaca
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-9588
Dr. Ofelia Juarez Esquivel
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 552-9014
Dr. Enrique Llamas
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 556-5717
Dr. Ana Maria Noriega
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 554-1713
Dr. Alfonso Pereda Venegas
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 553-4427
Dr. Rafael Rebelin M.
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 555-4194
Dr. Ben Hur Zuniga Barrera Clinica New Dental
Work Phone: 011 52 (686) 555-6162